One More Time

Peace Corps Thailand Magazine

article Sun, Dtang, Bpam, and Mick

Michael Marano, 129 TESS

It’s early November and we’re playing Face Off, a game that by now my students can run on their own, but with only 4 months left in my service I fight to be the host, not ready to stop being their teacher. Dtang is standing in front of the class, perpendicular to her peers, holding her laminated vocabulary card so taut I imagine it splitting down the middle like a grilled cheese sandwich. She glances at the picture of the spider then to me, her facial expression an assault with its blankness. The absence of her normal animation lets me know she thinks I’ve given the Purple Team an advantage with a word taught by Spider-Man long before this lesson. I smile. Nothing. I divert my gaze. Nine feet away, with his back to hers, Bpam wiggles his eyebrows in a premature victory dance…

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