See You Again on the Next Time

Peace Corps Thailand Magazine

IMG_8695Michael Marano, 129 TESS

I asked a question that’s only ever been answered in my favor by liars, “Is this going to hurt?”

“Yes,” the Peace Corps nurse replied, holding a long, thick needle containing the typhoid vaccination, a shot that afforded me a trip to Bangkok, scheduled on that morning to buy me an invite to the Close of Service Ceremony for the volunteers in my group.

I appreciated her honesty but feared the smile on her face as she said it. Metal entered skin, she had told the truth, something I wish could be said for the dentist who filled my cavity without novacane two months earlier.

“That didn’t hurt at all,” I lied, taking a mental note to examine the joy I received from impressing medical officials.

“Now is a sharp pain that only lasts a few minutes but the soreness will come and last longer,” she…

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