A Year Without Drinking

Peace Corps Thailand Magazine

Michael Marano, 129 TESS

A Year Without Drinking/ The Little Bird and the Light: Two Stories, One Ending

AYWDLittle Bird

The little bird is scared. The Light has left the cage. The bird calls out for It to return. Summons It. Prays to It. Closes its eyes, goes deep within to the place It can always be found, and finds the once bright setting bare and bleak.

Why have I been abandoned? Where have you gone?

The little bird feels around in the darkness. The other end of the string, attached to its foot in an attempt to remain safe, lies unknotted next to the bar it had tied it to. Frantic and flapping, it notices its wings for the first time.

How hard it had tried to forget that it was supposed to fly. Sitting pretty and quiet had drawn many admirers, kept it safe, but without the Light…

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